Autumn is 2020

Crunch – swish, crunch – swish

Walking feet go through the leaves.

Feeling out of water, like a fish –

A carefree season, but she grieves.

Swish – crunch, swish – crunch

Pond’ring events that brought us here…

Did any among us have a hunch

Of national fruits we now bear?

Whooooosh, goes the breeze –

SNAP, goes the twig –

How we ache to feel at ease!

But rotting roots, we have to dig.

Crunch – snap, crunch – snap 

Her breath hangs heavy in her chest.

Wanting arms long enough to wrap,

All the hurting and give them rest.

Flutter, goes the branch

(Shudder, goes her soul) –

Light crackle goes her step, 

Inner spackle for the holes.

Crunch – snap, crunch – snap

The only way forward is through.

Step by step, without a map –

Love and justice build our world anew.

Swish – crunch, swish – crunch

The familiar noises soothe her heart.

The betrayed shock after a punch

Tells you where the boundaries start.

Crunch – swish, crunch – swish

Down the street, her steady step.

Her soul anchored by the work to accomplish,

Heart buoyed by many dreams yet to be kept.

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