Autumn is 2020

Crunch – swish, crunch – swish Walking feet go through the leaves. Feeling out of water, like a fish – A carefree season, but she grieves. Swish – crunch, swish – crunch Pond’ring events that brought us here… Did any among us have a hunch Of national fruits we now bear? Whooooosh, goes the breezeContinue reading “Autumn is 2020”


“The world is on fire,” said a priest this morning. An agent of spiritual renewal, mentioning our age of social ruins. Words spoken as matter-of-fact, with an air of objectivity and a heavy blanket of sorrow.  Suffocating. Sobering. Solemn. The “chance” timing of current events, paired with Pentecostal celebrations, is not lost on me. KismetContinue reading “Wildfire”

Mourning & Molding

We are in a time of mourning. (Will we allow it to be a time of molding too?) We are lamenting the loss of “normal” and the lack of artificial productivity measures. We are mourning the dearth of predictability and unrealized collective dreams, while fretting for freedoms previously taken for granted. We are grieving theContinue reading “Mourning & Molding”

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